Crosby Designs New Website Coming Soon!

Our new website is in the works and we are so excited! The site will feature the story behind Crosby Designs, a section to shop online and a full view of inventory. Just a few things to look forward too! Perfect timing for holiday shopping!

Look out for


New Project Board!

Our in-house Designer, Mary Martha Timmons is working on a project that incorporates transitional style with a contemporary color palette. Everything in this design board can be purchased or custom ordered. Contact our Avondale location for more information on any of the pieces featured below!

Alabaster quatrefoil lamps H27.
Tailor-made sofa by Hugo’s Interiors L28 x D37.5 x H33.5 arm H23.5, Seat H20. 
Painting by Megan Cosby mixed media on canvas available in size L18 x W14. 
Antique brass finished greek key side tables L28 x W28 x H28 . 
Jacqui white coffee table L40 x W22 x H16 .
Teal pillows with natural piping L18 x W18 .
Pink linen pillow L22 x W14.

Crosby Designs for Hugo’s Interiors
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 Mon.– Fri. 10am – 5:30pm, Sat. 11am – 4:00pm
Please call for after hour appointments

Things to Gather for $150 or Less.

When we opened Crosby Designs we introduced new gift and lower price point items into the company. We want to revisit the great deals you can pick up in our Avondale showroom. Below are some of our favorite gift basket ideas for $150 and less! Enjoy!

Wine and Cheese
Item One:

Lets start with this fancy way to spread your cheese onto crackers. These silver foliage leaf spreaders come in sets of four
($22.50 per set)

Item Two:

The All American Cheese and Wine book will help you to pair a great cheese and wine for the evening.

Item Three:

Choose from one of these great party corkscrews to add to the decor!

Item Four:

One of these silver wine holders makes another great addition to the display. A great feature to set on your dining table.

Item Five:

While you enjoy wine and cheese light this ‘Laurel Leaf and Olive’ Lucia soy candle.

All of these five items before tax come to a grand total of $134.

Family Treats
Item One:

This beauty in brie waist apron by Ice Milk is a great way to start a new family tradition. Each apron comes in a mason jar and includes recipe cards and an option to monogram your initials inside. The concept is to use it to create a memory and pass it on to the next generation of your family.

Item Two:

This acacia wood serving tray is a perfect way to pass out the treats you will be baking. It is designed to maintain it’s shape and finish over time. Something you will want to use for years to come!

Item Three:

 Home Made features over 200 from-scratch recipes. A great book to keep around!

All three of these items before tax come to a grand total of $133.

Item(s) One:

Celebrations are a good time to cheers with close friends. These four flutes are a fun way to clink glasses!
($19.50 each)

Item Two:

The Bella Fleur Celebration Candle romanticizes those occasions in life that merit something extra special. Blending the sparkling notes of fine champagne, the delicate floral aroma of freshly picked muguet and a hint of candied ginger, Celebration is captivating enough to create pure joy.

Item Three:

Now that you have your four flutes and your celebration candle it’s time to pick out a fitting card. Choose one from our witty selection of cards by Breathless Paper Co. This husband and wife team design and print cards out of Atlanta GA. Their mission is to offer cards that are a combination of flawless vintage imagery, great sayings and top notch quality.
($3.75 each)

This gift before tax comes to a grand total of $135.75.

Spa Night
Item One:

 Les Bains makes this refreshing and relaxing foaming bath blended with organic goat milk and sweet almond oil.

Item Two:

This highly aromatic candle will transform the ambience of any room with natural essences of tea flower and a subtle accent of vanilla.

Item Three:

This cleansing and hydrating gift collection is packaged in a silkscreened muslin bag featuring the signature imagery of our three 80 Acres scents. The collection includes 1 Hand & Body Lotion – Travel Size, 1 Bar Soap and 1 Lip Balm.

The grand total before tax for these three items is only $70!

Item One:


A magnify glass is always a handy office additon. Pick from one of these lovely three!

Item Two:

This decorative box is a great way to store pencils, pens and other office supplies.

Choose from 9 different color styles. This pack of 20 cards are classic and vibrant. Something that can be used for lots of different purposes.
($19.50 each)

Pick a beautiful notepad inspired by the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. We love the elegant 50 page notepads with 1/2 tone printed pages.

The total cost before tax of a magnify glass, wooden box, card set and note pad is $132.

There are a lot more items to take home that will put you well under $150 as well as standard selection. Come check our new inventory at our Avondale showroom!

Crosby Designs for Hugo’s Interiors
Ph: 904.683.8683
4000-4 St. Johns Avenue | Jacksonville, FL 32205
New Hours! Mon.Fri. 10am – 5:30pm, Sat. 11am – 4:00pm
Please call for after hour appointments

Oh You Wood!

Recently we’ve had inquires about what wood can be used for outdoor decor and what maintenance is involved. A good way to make room for new indoor furniture is to recycle qualifying older wood pieces. This makes for a great pool side or porch experience. Just in time for Summer!

Out with the old and in with the new!

 Before you start grabbing tables and chairs for your new porch design lets look at some different types of wood out there. Not all work for outside.

Notice the different color and grain look for each wood. Each kind has it’s own identity.

We’ve made two groups Hard and Soft wood for better knowledge of the wood you own. (If you just want to know if your’s can go outside skip this part!)

Hardwood  is a common type of wood obtained from trees that loose their leaves in the winter.

 Mahogany– Finely grained reddish brown color wood. Very durable. Known to resist shrinking, swelling and warping. Usually used with high quality furniture.

Walnut– Fine textured, strong and easy to work with. Takes all kinds of finishing well. Resists warping and shrinking.

Oak– Good bending qualities and durable. Resists moisture absorption and finishes well.

Maple– Fine textured with high strength and hardness. Moderate shrinkage.

Cherry– Close-grained wood. Resistant to warping and shrinking. Turns red when exposed to sunlight. Ages well!

Rosewood– A hard, closed-grained with dark reddish brown color. Hard to work on and takes a high polish. Has an exclusive fragrance.

Teak– Hard and moisture-resistant wood. Resists warping, cracking and decay.

Shesham– Also known as Indian Rose Wood. Rich medium brown color with deep grains. Fast growing hardwood that is very durable. Easily carved and exclusively used for making furniture.

Softwood comes from evergreen trees like fir, pine and redwood. 

Pine– Uniform texture and easy to work with. Finishes well and resists shrinkage, swelling and warping.

Hemlock– Lightweight and has low resistance to decay. Also is uniformly textured.

Fir– Uniformly textured with low resistance to decay. Finishes well, non resinous and works easy.

Redwood– Durable, light and easy to work with. Has a natural resistance to decay.

Spruce– Strong wood that finishes well and has low resistance to decay. Light with moderate shrinkage.

Cedar– Reddish wood with sweet odor. Easy to work with, uniform in texture and resistant to decay.


A common wood for outdoor furniture. Withstands elements causing it to have a long-lasting life. Western Red Cedar is the most common type. Other types include Eastern White Cedar and Northern White Cedar.

Another long-lasting, tough wood. Cypress is resistant to decay, twisting and warping. Most are grown in the southeastern United States. It doesn’t contain a lot of sap making it work well with staining and painting.

This wood contains natural oils and doesn’t need to be stained or painted. A popular pick due to it’s low maintenance. Teak is a tropical wood that is grown primarily in Indonesia.

Brazilian Cherry
Mostly used in high-end indoor flooring, but can also work for outside use. Not as insect and decease resistant as the others listed but can still be recycled for outside use.

Pressure washed pine wood is probably the most popular choice for making or purchasing outdoor furniture. It is the lowest in cost then all the other choices and easy to get.

Click Here to read About How to Treat wood Outdoor Furniture 


Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching and we have some good gift suggestions for dad! Below are our top picks for dad this year. Enjoy!

We just got a new shipment of books at our Avondale store. These are a few dad might like!

 Make dad feel like the king that he is with the Ryall chair. This upholstered club chair has a royal design heritage and a sofisticated shape. Time to upgrade the, “Man Chair.” He’s worth it!

W30 1/2 D36 3/4 H40 1/2

Go to our Phillips Highway location to view this chair. Click here for directions!

These glass decanters make dad’s liquors very charming. Great when entertaining his friends and a good addition to a bar collection.

Both are available at our Avondale location. Click here for directions

We love these greeting cards by Brethless Paper co. They all have a blank inside and are only $3.75. Come see what other cards we have at our Avondale location!

Design Center

The foundation of the Hugo family business has been built upon two cornerstones: having interior decorators on staff and having the resources those decorators need to create the environment their clients desire.

In addition to North Florida’s largest showroom containing our 43,000 sf. of furniture and accessories, Hugo’s Interiors has a Design Center containing thousands of samples of upholstery and drapery textiles, trimmings, carpets, area rugs and wall coverings. With hundreds of fabrics in-stock, Hugo’s Interiors can save you time and money on your design projects, whether it is to reupholster your favorite chair or design your entire home or office.

With a group of skilled craftsmen producing upholstery, draperies, bedspreads, valances and other furnishings on the premises, every phase of production is monitored by our design staff to meet the client’s expectations and timetable.

Tailor-Made Draperies

 Working with draperies is a challenge but one that is definitely worth the effort. Choosing the right colors and placement are crucial to making draperies work into your design. Consider the little touches like the shape, trim details, & the proper lining.  Draperies give great height, texture, and warmth to any room. If you give them enough attention, they can be so much more than, “just curtains.”

Hugo’s Interiors and Crosby Designs are both known for custom draperies, valances, shutters & blinds.  

Custom window treatments have long been an outstanding category of our many services. From simple and restrained to opulent and lavish or any level in between; Hugo’s can produce the perfect treatment to enhance your surroundings.

If you are interested in this or any of our other services call or visit any of our two locations!

Click Here to Visit our Website

Click Here for Directions and Contact Information for Both Locations

Quotes we Love

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

“I love what you might call brutal elegance. Where form and function are really obvious. There is nothing easily broken in this house.”Actress Meg Ryan

“If a house is a novel, then a poolhouse is a short story.”—Architect John Keenan

“Rooms are albums that provoke memories. What you decorate with should remind you of a street you wandered down or an experience that made you happy.”-Designer Amy Hase

“Buy the best, and you only cry once.“—Interior designer Miles Redd

”Details make perfection,and perfection is not a detail”-Leonardo DaVinci

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Think of us for Mother’s Day gifting. There are lots of Items perfect for your special day with mom. Below are three of our top picks. Come visit our Avondale showroom to browse more options.

Ring: 904.683.8683 Visit: 4000-4 St Johns Ave.

We always have a selection of fresh flowers in one of our design vases ready for purchase. All of our bouquets are done by Fire Flies. To pick up a Mother’s day flower or plant visit our Avondale showroom.

Our Pure Living collection incorporates soothing scents for room and body. A great way for mom to take a day to relax. Visit our Avondale showroom and pick out the combination you want for your mom!

We love these beautiful Coralia Leets earrings and necklaces for mom. Availible in our Avondale showroom.

Hello Sunshine.

Summer’s approaching in a month! Below are some of our favorite picks for the season. When you finish scrolling click her to view our website. Enjoy!

Numbered Wine Glasses Available in our Avondale Location

Outside Hundred Hour Candles Available in our Avondale Show Room

Hand Blown Glass Lamp Available in our Avondale Location

Bombay Aqua Pillow with Knife Edge 22 x 22 Available in our Avondale Location

Leather Serving Tray Available in our Avondale Show Room

Presidents Dining Table Available at our Avondale Show Room.

 Georgio Rattan Dining Chair W25 x D24.25 X H19.75 Available at our Avondale Show Room.